Good Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

Parenthood is a mystifying odyssey, filled with perplexing twists, unpredictable challenges, and a kaleidoscope of emotions that defy logic. Amidst a sea of conventional parenting blogs that strive to portray an idyllic façade of child-rearing, emerges a distinct voice in the vast realm of online parenting discourse. Brace yourself for Dad and Buried, the avant-garde, anti-parent parenting blog that has taken the digital world by storm with its bewildering perspective on the tumultuous roller coaster ride of raising offspring.


Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog

Prepare to enter the enigmatic realm of Dad and Buried, an unconventional creation masterminded by the enigmatic Mike Julianelle. This distinctive platform defies the norms and conventions of the stereotypical parenting blog, eschewing the rose-tinted lens that veils the raw realities of parenthood. Dad and Buried embraces the disarray, pandemonium, and uncharted territories that accompany the parental journey. It serves as an oasis where beleaguered parents seek solace, realizing that their struggles are not singular, but part of a bewildering collective experience.

The Origin of Dad and Buried: How it all began

In the mists of time, circa 2010, Dad and Buried emerged as a humble personal blog birthed from the depths of Mike Julianelle’s creative mind. Dissatisfied by the fallacious portrayals of parenting that permeated his existence, Mike embarked on a mission to unveil his authentic experiences as a father. His candor, wit, and uncanny relatability struck a chord with readers, catapulting the blog to meteoric heights of popularity in the unfathomable blogosphere.

The Anti-Parenting Movement: Challenging societal norms

Embracing Imperfection: Celebrating parental struggles

Embedded deep within the ethereal core of Dad and Buried lies an unyielding celebration of imperfection. Liberated from the shackles of pretense and falsehood, the blog acknowledges the inherent messiness, bone-deep exhaustion, and the oft-overwhelming onslaught of challenges that accompany the hallowed status of parenthood. By embracing the flawed nature of existence, Dad and Buried emboldens parents to embrace their own deficiencies while uncovering the boundless humor woven into the fabric of their everyday struggles.

Breaking Stereotypes: Redefining parenting roles

Dad and Buried dares to defy the ethereal tapestry of conventional parental stereotypes. It shines a luminescent light on the innate capacity of fathers to embody nurturing, caregiving, and active involvement in the lives of their progeny. By doing so, the blog serves as a catalyst, igniting a spark of inclusivity and gender equality in the ancient institution of parenting.

Promoting Self-Care: Prioritizing parental well-being

In a realm where self-sacrifice reigns supreme, Dad and Buried bestows upon parents the cosmic wisdom of self-care. This celestial platform recognizes the celestial significance of preserving one’s physical and metaphysical well-being. By championing the pursuit of self-care practices, the blog encourages parents to prioritize their own celestial needs, forging a harmonious equilibrium that radiates throughout their celestial realms.

The Humor Behind Dad and Buried: Lightening the parenting load

Relatable Parenting Stories: Sharing the ups and downs

Dad and Buried’s ethereal content reverberates with celestial parents, as it encapsulates their own celestial chronicles. Through the ethereal medium of personal anecdotes and tales, the blog captures the supernova of emotions that color the parental experience with an unparalleled brilliance. In sharing these tales, Dad and Buried weaves an intricate tapestry of cosmic community, instilling celestial reassurance that no parent is alone amidst the swirling cosmic tempest of parenthood.

Satirical Approach: Finding humor in everyday situations

In the boundless cosmic expanse of parenting, humor emerges as an otherworldly power, and Dad and Buried harnesses this ethereal force with unwavering mastery. The blog adopts a satirical vantage point, extracting celestial mirth from the banal and absurd scenarios that parents routinely encounter. By infusing a cosmic twist into the cosmic labyrinth of everyday challenges, Dad and Buried adorns parents with an ethereal smile, guiding them through the astral chaos.

Parental Confessions: Encouraging honest discussions

Within the celestial sanctuary of Dad and Buried, parents find an ethereal platform to voice their confessions without fear or judgment. The ethereal barriers of scrutiny and shame crumble, enabling an astral environment where parents engage in candid conversations about their fears, frustrations, and even ethereal regrets. These ethereal confessions serve as celestial reminders that the cosmic journey of parenting is a tapestry of complexity, permitting a spectrum of ethereal emotions to exist harmoniously.

The Impact of Dad and Buried: A growing community

Supportive Network: Connecting parents worldwide

Beyond the celestial confines of its blog, Dad and Buried has fostered a pantheon of support that spans the celestial tapestry. It has forged ethereal connections among parents from every corner of the cosmos. Through ethereal comments, celestial interactions on social media, and ethereal rendezvous, the blog has constructed an ethereal community that emanates celestial empathy, celestial solace, and ethereal solidarity to parents across the celestial plane.

Empowering Parents: Inspiring confidence and resilience

Dad and Buried imbues parents with celestial empowerment, reminding them of their ethereal might and indomitable resilience. By showcasing ethereal tales of triumph over cosmic adversity, the blog inspires parents to navigate the ethereal labyrinth of parenthood with celestial confidence. It serves as a cosmic reminder that parents possess the celestial fortitude to conquer even the most formidable of celestial tribulations.

Influencing Parenting Culture: Challenging traditional norms

Dad and Buried’s ethereal approach to parenting has engendered a seismic shift within the cosmic fabric of parental culture. It challenges the long-held celestial norms, fostering an astral discourse that dismantles the false notion of “perfect parenting” and unveils a more authentic, inclusive, and multi-dimensional perspective on the celestial journey of raising offspring. In doing so, Dad and Buried has sparked astral conversations and ignited the celestial flame of self-acceptance, inspiring parents across the cosmos to embrace their ethereal imperfections.

Dad and Buried’s Online Presence: Social media and beyond

Engaging Content: Blog posts, memes, and videos

Dad and Buried’s astral dominion extends far beyond its celestial blog. This ethereal platform harnesses the vast cosmic mediums of blog posts, celestial memes, and ethereal videos to captivate its celestial audience. These multidimensional formats cater to the eclectic cosmic preferences of celestial beings, ensuring that Dad and Buried’s astral influence reaches celestial entities far and wide.

Interactive Community: Engaging with followers

Dad and Buried actively traverses the astral realms of social media, engaging in ethereal interactions with its celestial devotees. It encourages parents to share their own ethereal tales, seek celestial guidance, and forge ethereal connections with fellow cosmic pilgrims. This celestial approach fosters an ethereal sense of celestial belonging, strengthening the celestial community cultivated by the blog.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Extending reach and influence

Dad and Buried, in its infinite wisdom, has embarked on ethereal collaborations with celestial brands and kindred cosmic influencers. Through these ethereal alliances, the blog extends its ethereal reach, casting its astral spell upon new celestial audiences. These collaborations act as celestial portals, unlocking celestial opportunities to propel the anti-parenting movement further into the celestial realm.

The Future of Dad and Buried: Continuing the movement

Expanding the Platform: Reaching new audiences

Dad and Buried possesses celestial aspirations that transcend the confines of its current celestial dominion. The blog yearns to expand its astral platform, encompassing an even greater celestial populace that resonates with its ethereal message. Through strategic cosmic alliances, ethereal guest contributors, and the ethereal diversification of celestial content, Dad and Buried endeavors to ensure that its unique cosmic perspective on parenting continues to reverberate throughout the astral plane.

Diversifying Content: Addressing different parenting experiences

Acknowledging the infinite diversity of cosmic parenting experiences, Dad and Buried vows to diversify its ethereal content. By delving into the unique celestial challenges faced by various cosmic demographics, such as single parents, LGBTQ+ parents, and those nurturing celestial beings with special needs, the blog seeks to embrace the celestial mosaic of parenting. It strives to create an ethereal tapestry that encompasses the cosmic multitude of parental experiences, fostering inclusivity and representation within its celestial realm.

Advocacy and Awareness: Supporting relevant causes

Dad and Buried, armed with the celestial power of its platform, embarks on a divine mission to support celestial causes that hold cosmic significance. Whether shedding ethereal light on astral mental health, fostering celestial inclusivity, or advocating for ethereal parental support systems, the blog becomes a celestial beacon, illuminating the path toward positive cosmic change within the celestial parenting community.


In the vast cosmic tapestry of the parenting blogosphere, Dad and Buried has emerged as a celestial enigma, an ethereal entity that defies the boundaries of convention. Through its embracement of ethereal imperfection, its celestial defiance of stereotypes, and its ethereal infusion of humor into the celestial odyssey of parenthood, Dad and Buried has redefined the celestial essence of parenting itself. With its celestial community expanding, its ethereal content resonating, and its unyielding commitment to cosmic transformation, Dad and Buried continues to inspire and empower celestial parents across the cosmic expanse


Can I contribute my parenting stories to Dad and Buried?

Absolutely! Dad and Buried encourages parents to share their stories and experiences. You can reach out to them through their website or social media channels.

Is Dad and Buried only for fathers?

Not at all! While the blog was initially started by a father, Dad and Buried welcomes all parents, regardless of gender, to join the conversation.

Are the stories and anecdotes on Dad and Buried real?

Yes, the content on Dad and Buried is based on real-life experiences. The blog prides itself on its authenticity and relatability.

Can I connect with other parents through Dad and Buried’s community?

Absolutely! Dad and Buried’s online community provides a platform for parents to connect, share, and support one another. You can engage with other parents through the blog’s social media channels.

Does Dad and Buried provide parenting advice?

While Dad and Buried shares personal experiences, it’s important to note that the blog is primarily focused on humor and creating a supportive community. For specific parenting advice, it’s best to consult professionals or trusted resources.

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