Mobile Care Partners of CT: Bringing Healthcare Home in Connecticut

Mobile Care Partners of CT (MCPC) is a unique healthcare practice offering an innovative approach to primary care. Founded in 2020 by Dr. Lindsey Maloney, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), MCPC prioritizes patient comfort and convenience by providing in-home primary care services to individuals in Connecticut.

Addressing a Growing Need

The establishment of MCPC stemmed from Dr. Maloney’s recognition of a growing need for accessible healthcare, particularly among elderly and disabled individuals who face challenges in visiting traditional doctor’s offices. This could be due to mobility limitations, transportation difficulties, or anxieties associated with unfamiliar environments.

A Patient-Centered Approach

MCPC offers a comprehensive range of primary care services in the comfort of patients’ homes. This includes:

  • Wellness and physical examinations
  • Acute illness and injury care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Vaccinations and immunizations
  • Laboratory and diagnostic services
  • Minor procedures, such as suture removal
  • Home care coordination
  • Cognitive evaluations

By eliminating the need for travel and navigating unfamiliar environments, MCPC reduces stress and anxiety associated with healthcare appointments, especially for vulnerable populations. Additionally, the in-home setting allows Dr. Maloney to gain a more holistic understanding of patients’ health and well-being by observing their living environment and daily routines.

Beyond the Basics

MCPC goes beyond providing essential medical services. Dr. Maloney and her team are dedicated to building strong relationships with their patients, fostering a compassionate and collaborative approach to healthcare. They understand the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals who require in-home care and work diligently to address them. This includes:

  • Coordinating care with specialists and other healthcare providers.
  • Providing support and education to patients and their families.
  • Collaborating with community organizations to ensure patients have access to necessary resources and services.

Building a Thriving Practice

Since its inception, MCPC has experienced exponential growth, reflecting the increasing demand for in-home primary care services. Dr. Maloney’s commitment to patient-centered care and her innovative approach have garnered recognition, with her being inducted into the Connecticut Magazine 40 Under 40 class of 2022 and being honored as Connecticut’s APRN of the year in 2023.

Benefits for Patients and the Community

MCPC offers numerous benefits for both patients and the broader community:

  • Increased access to healthcare: MCPC bridges the gap for individuals who face challenges accessing traditional medical care.
  • Improved health outcomes: In-home care allows for early intervention and preventive measures, potentially leading to better health outcomes.
  • Reduced healthcare costs: By providing primary care services, MCPC can help prevent hospital admissions and emergency room visits, contributing to cost savings within the healthcare system.
  • Enhanced quality of life: Receiving care in the comfort of their homes allows individuals to maintain independence and dignity, improving their overall well-being.

Looking Forward

MCPC continues to expand its reach and advocate for the importance of in-home primary care. As the healthcare landscape evolves, the practice positions itself to play a crucial role in ensuring accessible, personalized, and compassionate care for individuals across Connecticut.


Mobile Care Partners of Connecticut represents a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery. By placing patient-centered care and convenience at the forefront, MCPC empowers individuals to manage their health effectively and thrive in the comfort of their own homes. With its dedication to compassionate care and innovative service, MCPC is shaping the future of primary healthcare in

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