Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weight


Enter the intriguing world of Smith machine bar weights at Planet Fitness, where mysteries abound and weights aren’t always what they seem. As we embark on this journey of discovery, we’ll unravel the enigma surrounding the Smith machine bar weights and understand why they vary from gym to gym and machine to machine. But before we delve into this weighty topic,

Explore the Enigmatic World of Smith Machine Bar Weights at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weight

Curiosity beckons, and you find yourself pondering the enigmatic realm of Smith machine bar weights at Planet Fitness. But before we delve into the perplexing depths of these weights, let’s make a quick pit stop at Planet Fitness.

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the Smith Machine Bar Weight at Planet Fitness?” Well, hold onto your dumbbells because it’s not as straightforward as you might think. Planet Fitness has been around for three decades, and each of its 2000+ locations may have a different brand of Smith machine with varying bar weights. So, let’s embark on this journey of discovery, shall we?

Picture this: a bar mounted on rails, perpendicular to the ground, or slightly angled. This ingenious contraption, known as the Smith machine, was named after Rudy Smith, the host of the first-ever model in his 1950s gym. These rails are used for securing and reracking the bar at different heights or positions.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Smith machines come in various types, but they all share multi-height locking points, making them perfect for strength training and powerlifting exercises such as bench presses, squats, rows, deadlifts, drag curls, and seated overhead presses. Some newer models even have pulley and wire systems that provide a counterbalance, reducing the net weight on the user’s body.

Planet Fitness, with its 2000+ locations across six countries, caters to beginners and seasoned lifters alike. The choice of Smith machine brand can vary from location to location, influenced by factors like cost and availability.

So, is the Smith machine bar weight consistent across all Planet Fitness locations? Not quite. It’s time to put on your investigative hat and find out.

How To Weigh & Calculate the Smith Machine Bar Weight at Planet Fitness

Smith Machine Bar Weight of Planet Fitness

The best way to determine the weight of the bar on a Smith machine is to use a hanging scale. This scale can be held by a person or secured to something sturdy. It has a hook that can hold the barbell below it and provide an accurate weight reading.

But here’s the catch: before weighing, ensure that you’ve removed all additional weight plates and clips from the bar for precise results.

Another method involves using a rope. Tie a rope around the centerpoint of the bare bar (without hooks or extra plates), and toss the other end of the rope over an elevated horizontal rail on the Smith machine or another machine. One person can hold the tied bar up, while another attaches weight plates to the loose end of the rope. Keep adding plates incrementally until the bar is perfectly balanced by the plates on the other side, using the rail as the fulcrum.

The total weight of all the plates on the opposing end of the rope will equal the barbell weight. It might take some trial and error, but it should provide an accurate measurement once balance is achieved.

Attempting to weigh the bar on a floor scale or by standing on the scale and holding the bar is not recommended. These methods can be highly inaccurate and imbalanced.

Fortunately, most Smith machines have the bar weight printed on a label right on the machine, saving diligent gym-goers the trouble of weighing the bar themselves. Alternatively, you can check the manufacturer’s website for the bar weight.

Factors That Affect How Much a Smith Machine Bar Weighs

While most Smith machines at Planet Fitness use similar bars, several factors can cause variations in bar weight between clubs or even between Smith machines at the same club. These factors include:

Bar length
Technology used in the Smith machine
Ease of gliding along the rail
Presence or absence of a counterbalance system
Counterbalance weight
Rail angle of the Smith machine frame
Rail stroke length
Bar composition
Brand of barbell

Most bars used on Smith machines are the standard 7 feet, but the diameter can differ depending on the manufacturer. Newer models often incorporate counterbalance systems for safety and ease of use.

Bar composition also plays a role, with most bars made from heavy steel. Higher-end gyms might use stainless steel. Olympic standard bars are crafted from even stronger steel to prevent bending under heavy loads.

Should You Count the Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weight?

It’s highly recommended to include the Planet Fitness Smith machine bar weight in your total lifting calculations. These bars can vary by 15-20 lbs from gym to gym or machine to machine, which can lead to unexpected strain or injury.

However, there’s an exception. If you consistently use the same machine every time, you may not need to adjust your calculations.

Keep in mind that not all Planet Fitness clubs use the same brand for their Smith machines and bars. Precor and Hammer Strength are notable suppliers, with different bar weights. Knowing the precise weight is crucial for tracking progress and ensuring safety during workouts.

Planet Fitness Bar Weight: Does the Smith Machine vs Regular Bar (Barbell) Weigh the Same?

A standard (Olympic) barbell doesn’t match the Planet Fitness Smith machine bar weight. In fact, there’s a significant difference.

Most Smith machines at commercial gyms use bars ranging from 15 to 25 lbs, while regular bars weigh a hefty 45 lbs. The bare bar weight can vary widely, so don’t assume consistency even within the same gym.

It’s important to note that free weights require more stability since they are unsecured. This means more muscle engagement and faster fatigue. Smith machines, with their guided bar paths and stability, allow for less muscle strain.

For those transitioning from Smith machines to free weight exercises, it’s advisable to start with lower weights and fewer repetitions to avoid overworking unaccustomed muscles.

And always remember, precise calculations and cautious progression are key to a safe and effective workout routine.

How Much Weight Does Smith Machine Take Off?

Determining how much weight a Smith machine eliminates from the total bar weight is a bit of a puzzle. It depends on numerous factors.

Most Smith machines have angled guide rails, which can vary from 7 to 12 degrees, impacting the perceived net weight of the bar. The specific model of the Smith machine and the presence of counterweights further complicate the calculation.

While there’s no definitive answer due to these variables, Smith machines can reduce the net weight by 10 to 20 lbs, sometimes even the full weight of the bar. To estimate the amount of weight removed, gauge the counterweight and subtract it from the true weight of the bare bar. However, keep in mind that this estimation may not account for all fluctuations.

In the realm of ambiguity, it’s safer to acknowledge potential inaccuracies and proceed with caution.

So, in conclusion, how much weight does a Smith machine take off? Usually, it’s somewhere between 10-20 lbs, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Different Brands: How Much Does the Bar Weigh on a Smith Machine?

As mentioned earlier, gym equipment companies don’t provide a universal standard for Smith machine bar weights. Each provider has its unique measurements, which can significantly affect bar weight. Additionally, within each brand, different Smith machine models may have varying bar weights.

Here’s a glimpse into the world of Smith machine bar weights from different brands:

Precor Smith Machine: Commonly manufactures a 25 lb bar but offers an “Icarian” model with a 15 lb bar.

Tuff Stuff Smith Machine: Their bar weighs 28 lbs, but a counterbalancing system can reduce the net starting weight to just 10 lbs.

Technogym Smith Machine: The standard bar is around 42 lbs, with counterweights lowering it to approximately 18 lbs.

Force USA Smith Machine: Uses a regular Olympic bar with a true weight of 45 lbs, without counterbalancing.

Rogue Fitness Smith Machine: Offers a range of bar weights, including 22 lbs, 25 lbs, 30 lbs, 39 lbs, and 45 lbs.

Hammer Strength Smith Machine: Offers both 20 and 30 lb bars.

Planet Fitness tends to use Hammer Strength as its primary supplier, with a 20 lb bar. However, these details can vary from gym to gym.

If you’re serious about your workouts and tracking your progress, it’s wise to check for labels, research bar weights, or even weigh the barbell yourself. This knowledge will help you train effectively and avoid unnecessary injuries.


the Smith machine bar weights at Planet Fitness are far from a simple, uniform measurement. These enigmatic weights vary due to factors such as bar length, technology, and the presence of counterbalance systems. While the Smith machine can be an excellent tool for both beginners and seasoned lifters, it’s essential to account for these weight variations to ensure safe and effective workouts. So, the next time you step into a Planet Fitness gym, armed with this knowledge, you can confidently navigate the diverse world of Smith machine bar weights. Happy lifting!


What is the standard Smith machine bar weight at Planet Fitness?

There isn’t a standard Smith machine bar weight at Planet Fitness. It can vary between 15 to 25 lbs or more depending on factors like the machine’s brand and model.

Why do Smith machine bar weights differ from gym to gym?

Smith machine bar weights can vary because different Planet Fitness locations may use various brands of Smith machines, each with its unique bar weight.

Is it crucial to know the Smith machine bar weight?

Yes, it’s essential to know the Smith machine bar weight, especially if you’re tracking your progress or following a specific workout routine. The weight variation can affect your training.

Are Smith machines suitable for beginners?

Yes, Smith machines are beginner-friendly. They offer guided bar paths and stability, making them ideal for those learning proper lifting form.

Can I use Smith machines for powerlifting exercises like squats and deadlifts?

Yes, Smith machines are suitable for powerlifting exercises. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the specific bar weight to track your progress accurately.

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