Bali's 200 Million Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue.

Unprecedented Move

Locals and Experts Skeptical of Dengue Defense Plan.

Controversy Unleashed

Yogyakarta Experiment Raises Doubts, Demands Answers.

Pilot Study Scrutinized

Critics Question Robustness of Mosquito Strategy

Species Introduction Debate

Indonesia's Health Ministry Hits Pause

Mid-November Launch Postponed

Temporary Delay for Community Preparedness Discussions

Ministry Speaks

Wolbachia Bacteria Unleashed in Bali.

Aedes aegypti's Secret Weapon

Further Dissemination Essential for Community Understanding

Public Engagement Priority

Balancing Innovation and Public Acceptance.

Health Ministry Dilemma

Bali Awaits the Unveiling of Dengue Defense Strategy

The Waiting Game

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