Drake's new song, "Stories About My Brother," seems to include a subtle jab at rapper 6ix9ine.

The lyrics suggest references to a "rat" who betrayed friends, widely interpreted as alluding to 6ix9ine's cooperation with the FBI.

6ix9ine has not responded to Drake's diss, but his fans are already defending him on social media.

This isn't the first time Drake has targeted 6ix9ine; in 2018, "Diplomatic Immunity" criticized 6ix9ine's use of social media for promoting violence.

The Drake-6ix9ine feud is a hot topic in hip-hop, and it's uncertain if this new diss will escalate the conflict.

Some fans view Drake's subliminal diss as a sign of weakness, while others see it as a strategic move to confront his rival indirectly.

Whether intentional or not, Drake's diss has sparked significant conversation and debate among fans.

It's unclear if 6ix9ine will respond to Drake's diss, but the feud is expected to continue generating buzz in the hip-hop world.

The impact of this latest chapter on both rappers' careers remains to be seen.

Fans of Drake and 6ix9ine can enjoy their music while speculating on who came out on top in this recent episode of their ongoing feud.